Getting a Great Bargain on Buying Tires in Bulk: 3 Storage Tips to Keep Your Tires in Excellent Condition

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Whenever a single tire needs to be replaced, you should ideally replace all four tires at once in order to ensure that the tires all start off with the same amount of tread on them. Uneven treads caused by replacing single tires can actually leave you with poor traction. The tires will also exhibit accelerated wear. So when you find a good deal on tires in bulk, don't hesitate to jump on the bandwagon, as you'll have to replace all four tires in one go. However, buying tires in bulk can prove to be problematic if you don't know how to properly store them. Improper storage can lead to accelerated wear and leave you with damaged, unusable tires. This article will look at three common storage tips to remember.

Clean the Tires Before Putting Them in Storage

Gunk that has already accumulated on the surfaces of the tires you've bought can slowly cause a significant amount of damage to the tires while they sit in storage. The gunk not only deposits into the rubber surface but can also get into small nooks and crannies and cover the tires' natural treads. Before storing your tires for prolonged periods of time, give them a good cleaning using mild detergent, water, and a tire brush. You might even want to clean the rims if the tires are mounted. Dry the tires completely using a towel.

Once in a while, you should consider taking the tires out of storage for a short drive. This will help to relieve stress on the tires and also keep the rubber nice and supple. After taking the tires for a quick spin, clean them thoroughly again before storing them.

Avoid Hanging Unmounted Tires

Depending on the amount of storage space you have available, you might be tempted to make use of overhead space by hanging the tires up. You can only hang the tires if they are already mounted on the rims. You should always avoid hanging unmounted tires, as hanging the unmounted tires will cause the rubber to distort in shape over time. This added stress can cause irreversible and irreparable damage to the structural integrity of the tires

If your tires are unmounted, you should store them standing upright as often as possible. This position puts the least amount of stress on the tires.

Keep Them Out of the Sun

Finding a proper place to store the tires will also make a world of a difference as to whether the tires will still be in excellent condition when you take them out of storage. You should store tires in a shaded area, as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the tires to heat up to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This can end up damaging the structural integrity of the rubber and cause it to break down. In short, storing the tires outside is a big no-no. You should also avoid storing the tires in standard garages or even in the attic.

You should also avoid storing the tires around heavy machinery that generate a good amount of ozone because ozone can easily damage the tires as well.


Knowing how to properly store tires is the first thing you should learn after purchasing tires in bulk. Although buying the tires in bulk might give you a better deal, you also need to consider whether you have any storage rooms available to keep the tires until they are needed. If the tires are not properly stored, they will break down in storage. By the time that you need them, they will basically be too damaged to be usable, so you'll basically be wasting your own money. Check out companies like City Limit Tire & Service to check out your options.